Expressionists and their movement in 20th century

Expressionism is an art movements that appeared in Germany in the beginning of 20th century. The independent group of young artists were aimed to picture the worlds different form the subjective perspective, using various colors to show the reality in the emotional context. The artist were trying to reject the concept of realism by adding unrealistic

Expressionism was a part of the avangard movement that was extensively developing at that time and I can say that it is one of the most representative genre in the modern art.

Expressionism was born between First and Second world wars and this influenced the way the movement was developing in the future. A lot of artist had to participate in battles, some of them suffered from the mental decease afterwards or were so impressed by the horror of the war, that they carried it through their entire life.  For example it is possible to see the progression of Max Beckman’s style before and after the War.

With the time artists started to gather into groups to share the ideas and developed their style and technique under each other’s supervision.

There were two main expressionist groups in Germany that can represent the whole movement as such. First was called Die Blau Reiter (The Blue Rider) that was originated in Munich and consisted of the world famous Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee, August Macke and Franz Marc. Also one of the group member was Gbriel Münter that was living with Kandinsky in Murnau for years. They worked together until he moved back to Russia.


Jawlensky_1         Jawlensky_2

Jawlensky_3                          Marc_Franz_1

Marc_Franz_2                    Marc_Franz_3

Marianne von Werefkin_1                                     Marianne von Werefkin_3

Otto Muller_13                               Otto Muller_67



Blue Rider in the eyes of Franz Marc

Otto Müller and his sharp representation of the world


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