Magic by Ronald Companoca

Ronald Companoca was born in 1981 in Arequipa, Peru. The artist has been graduated from UNSA (Universidad Nacional de San Agustin). His main inspiration was timeless Bosch и Brueghel, as well as such writers as Kafka and Ovidius. Gathering all the impressions and images, the master created his own fairy-tale on canvas.  His imagination pushes…

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Peregrine Heathcote_32

Retro adventure by Peregrine Heathcote

Peregrine Heathcote is a British painter that was born in London in 1973. He started studying at Heatherly College of Art at the age of 8, thus he was the youngest student that ever entered this education institution. The professional career began in 1995 and the artist still creates unbelievably fascinating paintings that have this…

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Magic by Victor Nizovtsev

Victor Nizovtsev is a Russian a skillful oil painter that has perfected his technique in creating magical paintings, that bring the viewer into the childhood memories, where the world is filled with rich colors and  magic atmosphere. Such images appear when you read the fairy-tales written by Hans Christian Andersen or  Brothers Grimm, with their…

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Paul Lung_20

Amazing Realism by Paul Lung

         It is very difficult to realize that the black and white pictures that you see below are actually not photos, but the drawings by your artist Paul Lung. The works are made in the realistic style. Sometimes he has to record the video of his drawing process, because people tend not to believe that…

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Jeff Rowland_11

Rainy day by Jeff Rowland

Jeff Rowland is an English painter that specializes in creating the atmosphere of the rainy day. The artist studied on North Tyneside College of Further Education, and since 1984 Jeff works as a professional painter. Jeff creates amazing pictures gilled with mystery and romance, containing the hidden sense, history and inspiration. The main subject matter…

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Andre Kosslick_04

Andre Kosslick

Andre Kosslick, 46,  is a German painter who has obtained an excellent technique in painting the landscapes that amaze the viewer with its glory. The painting is a hobby of the artist rather than an occupation. In his works the viewer can see how the river flows down the hill, can hear the sound of…

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Roberto Ferri_14

Baroque by Roberto Ferri

Roberto Ferri is an Italian painter that is working in Neo Academic style. The painter was born is 1978 in the South Italy, where he was graduated from the Art School. After moving to Rome, he was astonished by the works of the old Masters, such as David, Ingres, Girodet, Gericault, Gleyre, Bouguereau, etc. However…

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Laura Sanders_11

Kids time by Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders is an American painter that creates excellent images of children, usually working in Hyper realistic technique. In one of her interviews she stated that everything starts from the image in her head. the process of creating her works starts with her photography. She takes many different pictures, and then later goes through these…

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Maurice Sapiro_22

Golden works by Maurice Sapiro

Maurice Sapiro is an American painter that creates unbelievably beautiful landscapes, still lives, and dreamscapes by adding the golden shades to each of his works. The main elements of his paintings are the air and the light, that convey a mystical atmosphere of the unknown aspects of the world. The artist works with many different…

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