Still life by Stephane Capitrel

Stephane Capitrel is a painter that has developed a wonderful technique for creating the still live paintings. Most of his works consists of various fruits, crystal glass, vegetables and many other different objects like ink or a pen. The artist is working in realistic manner, often looking like photo – realism due to the excellent painting technique. The paintings have a particular warm but very bright palette that can be very enjoyable for the viewer, like the deep blue plump or green leaves. In addition I can’t help mentioning the approach that the Stephane uses to picture the glass objects. What always amazes me is the reflection that is skillfully added to each glass item that is a part of the composition.

Stephane Capitrel was born in 1959 and has become recognized for his works. His works participating in many popular exhibitions, as well as in the painters own exhibitions that are taking place throughout the country.

Capitrel_01 Capitrel_02 Capitrel_03 Capitrel_04 Capitrel_05 Capitrel_06  Capitrel_08 Capitrel_09 Capitrel_10 Capitrel_11 Capitrel_12 Capitrel_13

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