Andre Derain and the London’s scenes

Andre Derain (André Derain) was a French representative of Fauvism along with Henri Matisse.

His one of the most famous series of paintings was dedicated to London which was pictures in the absolutely different way as before. He included the Themed and the Tower Bridge to these compositions using a very bold colors. He was also keen on painting the landscapes in a the way all the Expressionists did.


Daren_37 Daren_36 Daren_35 Daren_33 Daren_32 Daren_31 Daren_30 Daren_29 Daren_28 Daren_27 Daren_25 Daren_24 Daren_23 Daren_22 Daren_21 Daren_20 Daren_19 Daren_17 Daren_16 Daren_14 Daren_13 Daren_12 Daren_11 Daren_10 Daren_09 Daren_08 Daren_07 Daren_06 Daren_05 Daren_04 Daren_03 Daren_02 Daren_01

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