Pin-up style and its artists

Gil Elvgren Alberto Vargas Edward Runci George Petty Bradshaw Crandell Donald Rust
Fritz Willis George Petty Walt Otto Baron Von Lind Pearl Frush Coby Whitmore
William Medcalf Lou Shabner  Fiona Stephenson  Peter Driben  Mel Ramos


Pin-Up style was developed in the late 19th century as an advertising campaign for different companies, promoting the performers and actresses or as an illustration to various magazines, theater premiers, books, etc.

          The main subject matter in this style has always be voluptuous attractive women, often pained nude or half nude. These ladies were called pin-up girls/model, which basically meant “pinned-up” on the wall. Especially the movement got its name because the pictures were most of the time appear on calendars.

The posters with famous actors that were prompting their movie or theater play, the commercial of various goods or the magazine cover required the painters that could capture the spirit of these times.

          Interesting fact is that before the WWII the images were more focused on the female beauty, but during the war the topic of the posters or magazine covers shifted to the seductive and sexually explicit images of women. That was the way the standards of female beauty have been set in the society.

Now the pin-up images are acceptable by society as a part of the art history, but at that times women against the usage of the female sexuality in a commercial purpose.

       Such pin-up masters as Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas, who were active in 50s, now became legendary and their works are regarded as classics of the retro epoch. But what amazes me is that still there are some contemporary artists that paint is a manner that exactly represents the style of 50s. Also what was interesting for me is that not only man can paint the pin-up girls, but also women, such a great pin-up painter Pearl Frush or contemporary painter Fiona Stephenson.



Gil Elvgren


Alberto Vargas

Edward Runci_20

Edward Runci


George Petty

Bradshaw Crandell_11Bradshaw Crandell

Donald Rust_40

Donald Rust


Fritz Willis

Lou Shabner_08

Lou Shabner

Walt Otto_05Walt Otto


William Medcalf


Baron Von Lind

Pearl Frush_25Pearl Frush

Fiona Stephenson_06

Fiona Stephenson

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