Retro adventure by Peregrine Heathcote

Peregrine Heathcote is a British painter that was born in London in 1973. He started studying at Heatherly College of Art at the age of 8, thus he was the youngest student that ever entered this education institution. The professional career began in 1995 and the artist still creates unbelievably fascinating paintings that have this special trait as if the subjects were caught all of a sudden in the middle of their everyday life, which is a masterpiece itself.

Though the main subject matter of his works is, as it happens quite often, a woman. But this is not just a simple woman, but the woman who is independent and brave enough to travel on her own and see the world in the way She wants it to be seen. this lady accepts the danger of being alone, however receives the romantic adventures and the feeling of freedom in return. To some extent I am pretty sure that many, if not all, women dream to feel the freedom within and do anything and go anywhere they want. The painter managed to convey this atmosphere in the most attractive way for the viewer to have a desire to do something quite similar themselves. The usual composition of the painting involves a well dressed beautiful woman portrayed in a manner of a typical heroine of Fitzgerald’s novel, that is either caught in the peculiar situation where she is lost or does not know the way somewhere, or enjoys her own company when walking on the beach or waiting for a hip that will take her to the new exciting place.

All the works are painted in realistic manner, however without a great attention to details. But that is not necessary for representing the Retro times. All we need is to see retro cars, interiors and mainly people who represent that wonderful epoch.




Peregrine Heathcote_36 Peregrine Heathcote_35 Peregrine Heathcote_34 Peregrine Heathcote_33 Peregrine Heathcote_32  Peregrine Heathcote_30 Peregrine Heathcote_29 Peregrine Heathcote_28 Peregrine Heathcote_27 Peregrine Heathcote_26 Peregrine Heathcote_25 Peregrine Heathcote_24 Peregrine Heathcote_23  Peregrine Heathcote_21 Peregrine Heathcote_20 Peregrine Heathcote_19 Peregrine Heathcote_18 Peregrine Heathcote_17 Peregrine Heathcote_16 Peregrine Heathcote_15 Peregrine Heathcote_14 Peregrine Heathcote_13 Peregrine Heathcote_12 Peregrine Heathcote_11 Peregrine Heathcote_10 Peregrine Heathcote_09 Peregrine Heathcote_08 Peregrine Heathcote_07 Peregrine Heathcote_06 Peregrine Heathcote_05 Peregrine Heathcote_04 Peregrine Heathcote_03 Peregrine Heathcote_02 Peregrine Heathcote_01

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