Fred Swan

Fred Swan is a contemporary American painter, who lives in the small town in Vermont. This is why he has an affection to the country life and particularly its landscapes. He captures the warm light in the window, a shadow from the old tree and many other romantic indications of the calm life outside the city.

Despite the fact that Fred was teaching math in school and has a military education, he considers himself as a painter.


Fred Swan_01

Fred Swan_02

Fred Swan_03

Fred Swan_04

Fred Swan_05

Fred Swan_06

Fred Swan_07

Fred Swan_08

Fred Swan_09

Fred Swan_10

Fred Swan_11

Fred Swan_12

Fred Swan_13

Fred Swan_14

Fred Swan_15

Fred Swan_16

Fred Swan_17

Fred Swan_18

Fred Swan_19

Fred Swan_20

Fred Swan_21

2 thoughts on “Fred Swan

  1. These are Beautiful.I’m wondering f I could use one as my main photo in my new blog : Dream Cottage Creations? It is not launched yet, but your yellow cottage and flowers would be great for it. I will continue looking encase I don’t hear back from you, but either way, the paintings are beautiful!


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