About the Blog

This website was created especially for people who consider the art as a very important part of their lives.

In this blog I am going to outline the main art movements and their most famous representatives as well as contemporary artists who are searching for new styles and techniques and who contribute a lot to the development of the modern art.

I can say that I am totally involved in art for two years, researching about its development starting from the first pictures of Giotto and continuing the present artists, such as Marina Abramovich and Ivan Marchuk that is considered to be one of 100 geniuses alive.

I was reading about the history of art and biographies of all famous artists, trying to connect the events, personalities with the images that were painted. I was totally absorbed by the

I started my journey to all the galleries that were reachable for me and every time I found something that impressed me and that I took with me. I began to pay attention at a small exhibitions and street artists that were selling their works. Everytime I had this image in my mind that one of them might in the future become someone who will change the direction of the art. All the Impressionists were standing on the street and selling their masterpieces for ridiculous money.

I realized that when you let the art come into your heart, it will stay there and it will change you and your mind-set. These are not just words, but an attitude and admiration of the Idea, Talent and Hard work of those who will always stay in history of art.

In addition I want to mention that this is not a biographical blog, but this website is created as an overview of what was going on in the art in the past and how it is developing right now. I am trying to analyze the paintings and find out about the tendency and different art movements that are popular right now.

I am very lucky to live in Munich where I found this artistic atmosphere that inspired me everyday. Here I learn a lot about Expressionism and I have an access to many big and small galleries where I can find both old and contemporary artist.

3 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. Ciao sono Cosimo Vitale in arte Covi, sono rimasto colpito della professionalità e dall’alta qualità sia del sito che degli artisti contemporanei che tratta . Complimenti, è un ottimo ritrovo per chi ama l’arte. Tornerò con gioia a consultarlo ed approfondire la mia passione pittorica. Spero anche di poter essere incluso con la mia arte , s’è idoneo, al vostro sito


  2. Hallo. Thank you for this superb blog on art. May I suggest that you take a look at the following artists: Chen Yifei, Michael and Inessa Garmash, Simon Hennessy, Maria Kreyn, Paul Apal’kin, Hari Willy, Louis Tresseras and Steve Mills. All great artists. Greetings from the Heart. Guillaume De Meuter


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