Art Galleries around the world

Having a passion to art my main goal wherever I go is to visit all possible art galleries and museums, and there are still plenty of them that I want to visit.

People usually know about the great and most famous ones in France, Germany and Austria. But what is interesting is that many of those that are not that famous have amazing collections of local artists.  For example in Schwarzenberg Palace in Prague I saw the paintings of the Baroque painters Wenzel Lorenz Reiner and Daniel Schultz. Especially I was amazed by František Karel Palko, who was an excellent portrait painter.

Usually when one goes to the gallery or museum with lots of painting, it is rather difficult to stay focused and pay attention to all the paintings. Unfortunately to get familiar with main art works in the particular museum, we need to visit the place couple of times.

In this section of my blog I would like to review the most beautiful and amazing Art galleries around the work and point the attention to the main works that belong to these places. Personally I do not like to classify the art works as important and less important, as for every and each painting is the single masterpiece on its own and I really do appreciate all kinds of art.  However there are the works that are undisputable genius and if you happen to have a chance to see them, it is worth to pay more attention to them.

You are more than welcome to share your experiences with different galleries.



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