Caravaggio as the Greatest Master

Michelangelo Merisi or Amerighi da Caravaggio, or as we all know him Caravaggio is one of the greatest masters of all times.

He was an Italian artist active in Rome, Naples, Malta, and Sicily.

I am not going to provide the full biography of the artist, but I cannot help mentioning his unique personality and special attitude to life.

He I must say that there is no other artist who was as talented as rebellious. When many years ago I saw the painting made by Caravaggio, the first thought that I had was “he is a divine painter”. I pictured him as a truly humble and refine man, because the paintings were made in a very elegant way.

Later I found out that he was accused for murder, spending time with easy women and drinking in pubs, standing severely against the Church. He was famous during his life receiving a lot of commissions, including orders for painting on the religious subjects. He prefered to picture himself in a various connotation (Ill Bacchus) and in general he was more into painting young boys, which can also tell us something about him. His novelty in Art was the way of picturing people in a very naturalistic way highlighting their figures on the contrast to the environment.

But he was completely forgotten after his mysterious death at the age of 38.



Caravaggio_01 Caravaggio_02 Caravaggio_03 Caravaggio_04 Caravaggio_05 Caravaggio_06 Caravaggio_07 Caravaggio_08 Caravaggio_09 (2) Caravaggio_09 Caravaggio_10 Caravaggio_11 Caravaggio_12 Caravaggio_13 Caravaggio_14 Caravaggio_15 Caravaggio_16 Caravaggio_17 Caravaggio_18 Caravaggio_19 Caravaggio_20 Caravaggio_21 Caravaggio_22 Caravaggio_23 Caravaggio_24 Caravaggio_25 Caravaggio_26 Caravaggio_27 Caravaggio_28 Caravaggio_29 Caravaggio_30 Caravaggio_31 Caravaggio_32 Caravaggio_33 Caravaggio_34 Caravaggio_35 Caravaggio_36 Caravaggio_37 Caravaggio_38 Caravaggio_39 Caravaggio_40 Caravaggio_41 Caravaggio_42 Caravaggio_43 Caravaggio_44 Caravaggio_45 Caravaggio_46 Caravaggio_47 Caravaggio_48 Caravaggio_49 Caravaggio_50 Caravaggio_51 Caravaggio_52 Caravaggio_53 Caravaggio_54 Caravaggio_55 Caravaggio_56 Caravaggio_57 Caravaggio_58 Caravaggio_59

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