“Emotional Realism” of Steve Hanks

Steve Hanks is considered to be one of the best watercolor artists working representing the realism movement. He is particularly specializing at painting portraits of women and children creatively using the lights. His paintings are always made with great attention to details and to the color range. His subjects are mainly children and women that are always central in the picture. The artists can capture the slightest face expression and the glowing of the eyes.

In one of his interviews he states: “I’ve tried to be responsible and put positive images out into the world. I hope that my work brings comfort, pleasure and insight into people’s lives.”

Steve Hanks 0 Steve Hanks 01 Steve Hanks 02 Steve Hanks 03 Steve Hanks 04 Steve Hanks 05 Steve Hanks 06 Steve Hanks 07 Steve Hanks 08 Steve Hanks 09 Steve Hanks 10 Steve Hanks 11 Steve Hanks 12 Steve Hanks 13 Steve Hanks 14 Steve Hanks 15 Steve Hanks 16 Steve Hanks 17 Steve Hanks 18 Steve Hanks 19 Steve Hanks 20 Steve Hanks 21 Steve Hanks 22 (2) Steve Hanks 22 Steve Hanks 23

6 thoughts on ““Emotional Realism” of Steve Hanks

  1. Soft core porn.
    Not that I don’t admire it. It’s well done and technically proficient.
    I do like a few of them as actual artwork beyond Platboy illustrations: the little girl at the seashore in #10 is a realistic evocation of Impressionist Edward Henry Potthast. I like it. Mr. Barnes should continue his efforts.


  2. I don’t know what paintings Mr Coddens was looking at ,but the ones above are most certainly not porn ,”soft” or otherwise. All I can see is a very accomplished artist who has painted very beautiful examples of the female form. If Mr Coddens thinks these are “porn” ,I would say that he has led a very sheltered life. Also , who is the “Mr. Barnes” he refers to.

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