Hyper-realism by Luciano Ventrone

Luciano Ventrone is an Italian painter, who was born in Rome in 1942 and then moved to Denmark at the age of 4. Later he moved back to Italy and finished the Art School and started studying Architecture. Later he abandoned his studies and dedicated all his time to painting.

What is interesting about his style is that when he paints, he takes into account all the rules of the theory of painting. One does not need to search for a proof for this statement, as Luciano’s works are perfect representation of the Hyper-realism with all its manifestations. When one sees his works at the first time, the first impression is that it is a photo, not an oil painting.

The painting is not just an occupation for him, but he paints from his heart. At the beginning of his artistic path he was conveying his own emotions and feelings on the canvas, however later it was not enough for the artist and he focus on the perfect arrangement of the objects, shapes and colors.

Luciano uses the classical technique of old masters and it is practically impossible to see even the slightest brush strokes.


Luciano Ventrone_01 Luciano Ventrone_02 Luciano Ventrone_03 Luciano Ventrone_04 Luciano Ventrone_05 Luciano Ventrone_06 Luciano Ventrone_07 Luciano Ventrone_08 Luciano Ventrone_09 Luciano Ventrone_10 Luciano Ventrone_11 Luciano Ventrone_12 Luciano Ventrone_13 Luciano Ventrone_14 Luciano Ventrone_15 Luciano Ventrone_16 Luciano Ventrone_17 Luciano Ventrone_18 Luciano Ventrone_19 Luciano Ventrone_20 Luciano Ventrone_21 Luciano Ventrone_22

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