Renoir and his beautiful world

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a leading French artist who was a cofounder of the one of the most famous and beautiful art movement Impressionism. He was the greatest master of the female beauty and charm. He managed to notice and then recreate on the canvas the grace, romance and admiration of the world that was not always kind to him.

Renoir is now can be regarded as an idol for many contemporary artist, but he himself fought his way up, struggling against the academic style and critics that were too stubborn to allow the “fresh air” in the art that was brought by Impressionism to occupy a leading place in the art world at that time.

When I dived into the world of Art, Renoir became number one for me for his unique approach that he had to his works. One can hardly find any obscure paintings made by the artist. Even during the hardest times of war and misery, he maintained a very positive

I tried to make research on his life, because I think that the biography of the artist is a very important component in the perception of his art. And the most amazing feature of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s character was an everlasting optimism that never left him throughout his long life. For those who are particularly interested in Renoir’s life I can strongly recommend to read the book of the French author Henri Perruchot.

Renoir_38 Renoir_37 Renoir_36 Renoir_35 Renoir_34 Renoir_33 Renoir_32 Renoir_31 Renoir_30 Renoir_29 Renoir_28 Renoir_27 Renoir_26 Renoir_25 Renoir_24 Renoir_23 Renoir_22 Renoir_21 Renoir_20 Renoir_19 Renoir_18 Renoir_17 Renoir_16 Renoir_15 Renoir_14 Renoir_13 Renoir_12 Renoir_11 Renoir_10 Renoir_09 Renoir_08 Renoir_07 Renoir_06 Renoir_05 Renoir_04 Renoir_03 Renoir_02 Renoir_01

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