Illustrations by Gabriel Pacheco

Luis Gabriel Pacheco is a Mexican illustrator.

He was born in 1973 and studied in National Art University.  He was learning the basis of the painting and refining his technique. The artist started his career as an illustrator for the children books, and then shifted to painting.

The paintings of Luis are very complex in its structure and are made with the great attention to details. Another specific feature of his works is the mystical spirit created through the connection between people and nature. This bond is represented with the help of jungle images.

The viewer can speculate about the symbolism of these paintings and carefully inspect the foggy palette that emphasized even more the mystery of the nature.

Interesting fact that Luis is a loyal fan of Federico García Lorca, that was famous for his attempt to bring the surrealism in the Spanish Culture.


Gabriel Pacheco_02 Gabriel Pacheco_03 Gabriel Pacheco_04 Gabriel Pacheco_06 Gabriel Pacheco_07 Gabriel Pacheco_08 Gabriel Pacheco_09 Gabriel Pacheco_11 Gabriel Pacheco_12 Gabriel Pacheco_13 Gabriel Pacheco_14 Gabriel Pacheco_15 Gabriel Pacheco_16 Gabriel Pacheco_17 Gabriel Pacheco_18 Gabriel Pacheco_19 Gabriel Pacheco_20 Gabriel Pacheco_21 Gabriel Pacheco_22 Gabriel Pacheco_23 Gabriel Pacheco_24 Gabriel Pacheco_25 Gabriel Pacheco_26 Gabriel Pacheco_27 Gabriel Pacheco_29 Gabriel Pacheco_30 Gabriel Pacheco_31 Gabriel Pacheco_32 Gabriel Pacheco_33

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