Helena Lam and her works in ART DECO style

Helena Lam is another representative of the Art Deco artist. She is inspired by Paris in its 20s, particularly by the design, fashion and clothes, architecture and the special lifestyle that was trendy at that time. She combined elegance and femininity with the thoughtfully chosen palette and exquisite forms.

The main subject matter of her pictures is a Parisian woman dressed in vintage manner and surrounded by luxurious interior decorated in the same style, by the various objects from that epoch like old car or the lonely street in Paris.

Helen says that the painting is her major passion in life and she devotedly spends all her free time to create her works.

I must confess, that I find it really fascinating when the contemporary artist can convey the spirit of old times and make the viewer feel the charm of various eras.

Helena Lam_01 Helena Lam_02 Helena Lam_03 Helena Lam_04 Helena Lam_05 Helena Lam_06 Helena Lam_07 Helena Lam_08 Helena Lam_09 Helena Lam_10 Helena Lam_11 Helena Lam_12 Helena Lam_13 Helena Lam_14 Helena Lam_15 Helena Lam_16 Helena Lam_18

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