Kids time by Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders is an American painter that creates excellent images of children, usually working in Hyper realistic technique.

In one of her interviews she stated that everything starts from the image in her head. the process of creating her works starts with her photography. She takes many different pictures, and then later goes through these photos and choses the one that triggers her emotions.

Another interesting element of Laura’s works is that she paints often “Heads Above Water” , and as she confessed, she used to be obsessed with this images.

Her next goal is to make a blue collar living as an artist.

In 1988 she finished The Columbus College of Art and Design.


Laura Sanders_01 Laura Sanders_02 Laura Sanders_03 Laura Sanders_04 Laura Sanders_05 Laura Sanders_06 Laura Sanders_07 Laura Sanders_08 Laura Sanders_09 Laura Sanders_10 Laura Sanders_11 Laura Sanders_12 Laura Sanders_13 Laura Sanders_14 Laura Sanders_15

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