Jean Baptiste Valadie

Valadié was graduated from École des Arts Appliqués de Paris and he managed to be exhibited around the world. He is not just a painter, but also draftsman, architect and sculptor, engraver, lithographer and illustrator. His pictures are always very emotional and balanced. Hi pictures involve colors, refine shapes, erotic mood, spiritual and passionate beauty.

Sometimes he paints both with acryl and oil and he has his own workshop where he shares his experience and technique with the young artists.

Valadi_01 Valadi_02 Valadi_03 Valadi_04 Valadi_05 Valadi_06 Valadi_07 Valadi_08 Valadi_09 Valadi_10 Valadi_11 Valadi_12 Valadi_13 Valadi_14 Valadi_15 Valadi_16 Valadi_17 Valadi_18 Valadi_19 Valadi_20 Valadi_21 Valadi_22 Valadi_23 Valadi_24 Valadi_25 Valadi_26

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