Laurent Parcelier as a master of sun blicks

French artist were always considered to be the most talented and tasteful artist throughout the whole art history. The greatest art movement Impressionism was exactly born in Paris and it started the amazing manner that is highly popular even in the present time. The unique set of colours, soft and cheerful mood and the exceptional usage of the light will always be the main feature of the Impressionism artists.

When I think about the contemporary French art, the first name that comes into my mind is Laurent Parcelier. The feature that distinguishes him from the other artists is the excellent work with the light. The main topic of his pictures is a landscape that is picture with the generous usage of different colors. This topic was chosen because of the origin of the artist. He was born in 1962 in Chamalières, so the South of France is served as biggest inspiration for his works.

But the main feature of his works is the way he plays with the lights and shadows, making the sun rays as the unique part that draws the most of attention. One can notice that the artist was mainly interested in the technique and style of Impressionists adding something personal to create own unique style.

y_fe171978 y_fbdde783 y_e950f5a2 y_e3c50b5e y_cceac5a0 y_c2a8883f y_a71318d3 y_625369e4 y_6549e1c4  y_8a4af4e1 y_7f30102a y_5b98e678 y_5a7b1f56 y_1d77758e y_0f8f147b x_f65aadef x_f63f7c4f x_ea53ed41 x_e933aa65 x_e2cd12c0 x_dd92d59f  x_d1777662 x_ce2bac18  x_c6db227f x_bef54b28 x_b7e53bbe  x_aba6af14 x_a8228907 x_a2742c96 x_a87f70d0  x_986dd33c

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