Willem Haenraets

Willem Haenraets was born in October, the 9th , 1940 in Heerlen, the Netherlands. At the beginning of his art career he was travelling around Europe and painting different people and places.

Later he was approached by the owner of the gallery and they were together exposing Willem’s pictures. Presently he works with publishers, who distribute the litho’s and prints of his paintings.

His life was quite harsh on him at some stage, when his first wife died in a car-accident, leaving him behind with their 6 weeks old daughter. After the accident, he was totally involved in work, and soon his paintings became popular in Holland and Germany. Then he got an idea to make prints of his works, and now he is world wide famous artist who creates very romantic pictures. The matter of fact I just realised that I also have his poster hanging at my new apartment. I chose a colourful landscape that creates a very lively atmosphere at my place. No wonder that his pictures are so popular.

Willem Haenraets_01 Willem Haenraets_18 Willem Haenraets_17 Willem Haenraets_16 Willem Haenraets_15 Willem Haenraets_14 Willem Haenraets_12 Willem Haenraets_11 Willem Haenraets_10 Willem Haenraets_09 Willem Haenraets_08 Willem Haenraets_07 Willem Haenraets_06 Willem Haenraets_05 Willem Haenraets_04 Willem Haenraets_03 Willem Haenraets_02


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