Lanscapes by Johan Messely

Johan Messely is a painter from Belgium. He was born in 1953.

He spent his childhood in a rather artistic environment, because his father was also a painter and he inspired the boy.

Johan’s art is very cozy and light, filled with flowers, colors and aromas of the spring. Looking at his works, one wants to enter the painting and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.

Johan Messely_01 Johan Messely_02 Johan Messely_03 Johan Messely_04 Johan Messely_05 Johan Messely_06 Johan Messely_07 Johan Messely_08 Johan Messely_09 Johan Messely_10 Johan Messely_11 Johan Messely_12 Johan Messely_13 Johan Messely_14 Johan Messely_15 Johan Messely_16 Johan Messely_17 Johan Messely_18 Johan Messely_19 Johan Messely_20 Johan Messely_21 Johan Messely_22 Johan Messely_23 Johan Messely_24 Johan Messely_25 Johan Messely_26 Johan Messely_27 Johan Messely_28 Johan Messely_29 Johan Messely_30 Johan Messely_31 Johan Messely_32 Johan Messely_33 Johan Messely_34 Johan Messely_35 Johan Messely_36 Johan Messely_37 Johan Messely_38


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