Thor Lindeneg’s surrealism

Thor Lindeneg was born in Copengaghen in 1941. He is mainly working in surrealistic manner using the symbolic elements. His paintings include both thoughtful palette and excellent drawing skills which, matter of fact, each representative of Surrealistic movement should have.

I was observing the tendency among the artists that work in this style and I can say that they all are combining vivid creativity and very precise drawing technique.

What also should be especially emphasized are the symbolism and the message that the pictures convey. I usually call such pictures “intellectual art”, because they always make me think. The broken eggs that have the sky inside, lonely woman in front dressed in curtain standing in front of the doorway, baby carriage and the plant, etc. Thor often uses the Egg and the Tree as a subject matter of his works, where the first is the representative of the Origin or the Beginning of something, and the sec. He often combines many different objects that do not have an obvious connection to make people think and analyze the work.

I found his art very interesting and it has some certain depth that created a wonderful composition.

Lindeneg_01 Lindeneg_02 Lindeneg_03 Lindeneg_04 Lindeneg_05 Lindeneg_06 Lindeneg_07 Lindeneg_08 Lindeneg_09 Lindeneg_10 Lindeneg_11 ?????????????????????? Lindeneg_13 Lindeneg_14 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Lindeneg_16 Lindeneg_17


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