Oil Paintings By David Jon Kassan

David Jon Kassan is an amazing painter who creates very realistic paintings where the main subject matter is a human face or figure with a rather abstract background.

He also provides many different videos for the young artists as a guide for their further development.

He has an opportunity to show how to use color, value, strokes and texture, and like many other famous artists, he knows the human anatomy to be able to picture the body in a very realistic way.


David Jon Kassan_01 David Jon Kassan_24 David Jon Kassan_23 David Jon Kassan_21 David Jon Kassan_20 David Jon Kassan_19 David Jon Kassan_18 David Jon Kassan_17 David Jon Kassan_16 David Jon Kassan_15 David Jon Kassan_14 David Jon Kassan_13 David Jon Kassan_12 David Jon Kassan_11 David Jon Kassan_10 David Jon Kassan_09 David Jon Kassan_08 David Jon Kassan_07 David Jon Kassan_06 David Jon Kassan_05 David Jon Kassan_04 David Jon Kassan_03 David Jon Kassan_02

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